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Dickinson's news on the radio is on air. Dickinson parks are going on 15 years in May and to celebrate the date, will offer a special schedule free of charge during all weekends of this month, gardening and arts workshops, storytelling, reading, tree or get exhibit and the performance of the Dickinson philharmonic orchestra are among the attractions for you and your family. The complete activity plan can be accessed via Dickinson parks dot org slash 15 hyphen hyphen anniversary. You must register for the workshops by the park management and the availability is limited, enjoy the May weekends by having fun with the Dickinson parks extensive program and celebrating our 15 year anniversary. The park is open to the public from Tuesday to sunday from eight AM to five PM visit Dickinson Dickinson parks dot org. Their mothers are still baking their babies, mothers wishing our dreams to bear fruit, mothers that only get better and better over time, mothers that love is love and mothers that make our world more than good. Extra supermarket extra, good day after day, better for you. We are not a flower, we are not a thorn. We are much more than everyone thinks. On the one hand, people try to postulate that our nature is to be lovely, sensitive, gentle. On the other hand, people say that we must be strong, competitive and tough, but who defines what you are and not the others. It's you. It's great to be gentle when you feel like it's even better to be steady and say no whenever you need it. And it's unfair metering to flop or other thing to laugh at ourselves, to counter real friends. To feel free to be the woman you want because heaviness lies in pursuing your true essence, the one that comes from the heart. This is whole foods tribute to International Women's Day. All inclusive summer by vision works, all the hottest, all the most modern stuff. Everything that has already turned into fever during the hottest season of the year and all this by getting 50% off by a second, sunglasses. Come to the all inclusive summer by vision works. You have called Nova order audio studio. Please dial the desired extension or for publicity and advertising, dial one. Music to management and financial department three. I'll wait to be attended.