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Evening alternative radio on-air check. Edgy west coast female voice talent with slight vocal fry.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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And with anger on Santa Cruz X at 1039 66 triple x 1039 for all of your requests or quite a waste of time DJ at X one oh 39 F. M dot com. Here's pete yorn. Let's come back home on the X. The latest from the ex es with kick out on santa cruz X at 1039 right now by request for josh out in socal, here's incubus on the X thrice and all that's left on santa cruz X at one, join us tonight at 10 o'clock we got love line for you adam. Corolla Doctor. It's a lesson in love. I'm gonna do you right here. The X. Is obviously gorn freak on a leash on santa cruz X at 1039. And my name is lily hanging out with you on your Wednesday evening and don't go anywhere on the way. You got the red hot chili peppers coming up for you. Plus new music from stained right now Lincoln park and their latest, yes, stained with price to play on santa cruz X at 1039 tune in saturday nights at 10 o'clock for the santa cruz locals only showcase its local music hosted by our very own local band, The Expendables in the studio for one full hour bringing you local rock and it's only right here on the Mhm. Jack johnson Verizon has been defeated on santa cruz X at 1039. Obviously here with you on your Wednesday evening. I got new music from 86. Think twice on the X hi dot he'd advantages on santa Cruz X at 1039. Check out the website. It's X one oh 39 f m dot com. Here's good charlotte.