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Voice Over • Animation

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English (North American)


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So, what do you think we should do, brainiac? Study our way out of this pit. We're never getting anywhere with you in charge. Come on, guys. I'll get us out of here. Listen, sweetheart, the problem with most teenage boys is that they are extremely disgusting. No, really. Has anyone seen a beach ball about eight inches in diameter? According to its trajectory, it should have to send it right in this vicinity. Hey, come on. I need answers, people. I missed my family. Can you take me back to my parents? E Just wanna go home. Will you take me? Oh, Oh. The princess needs a new outfit for the party. Help her find something. Perfect. You can't hide for me, E uh Too fast for you, e love me, Little Suki Lots. And what's she? Won't play with me. Weak up. Have you ever considered that we're the monsters? Think about it. Way took everything from them. I'm ashamed of you. No, no, no, no, no. You can't catch me