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A collection of readings from the Hyrule Encyclopedia in different styles.

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For well over a generation, stories of link hero of heroes have been passed down in sacred text cartridge and disk. They began with the legend of Zelda, released on a golden cart in the summer of 1987. The revolutionary top down dungeon crawl defined the action adventure genre and spurred a series of beloved games appearing on nearly every Nintendo console. To date. To celebrate 30 years of the series, many just call Zelda Nintendo teamed with ambit to create the book you now hold in your hands, first published in the year leading up to the breath of the wild and now translated into English for the first time. This encyclopedia collects the myriad characters, creatures, locales and key moments that make Zelda truly a legend during the era of the hero of time. The Temple of Time, built on the ruins of the sealed temple was quite close to high Rocastle. The temple itself was dignified and sat in the middle of a well maintained garden. At the rear of its towering, echoing main hall stood the sealed door of Time. Beyond that the blade of Evil's bane and key to the sacred room, the master sword sat in the pedestal of time. The dark world is a kind of second high rule. Born of Gannon's avarice, It exists in parallel to the light world, A mirror that reflects a world full of gloom and despair. Standing in opposition to all that is good. It was originally the sacred room where the tri force was kept safe. It has been said that the tri force grants the wish of whoever touches it while also acting as a mirror of their heart By invading the sacred room and touching the tri force. Gannon dorf transforms the room into the dark world. It overflows with malice and becomes the domain of monsters. The invasion of the sacred room occurs in ocarina of time. Link thin enters and explores the dark world extensively. In a link to the past, the twilight realm where the ancient twilight dwell in twilight. Princess link is introduced to the twilight room, a domain of shadows where the goddesses by way of the four light spirits banished the interlopers who sought to establish Dominion over the sacred realm. Unable to return to the light world, The inhabitants of this room eventually evolved into a race known as the twilight. The sun does not shine in the toilet room. Instead there are glowing spheres of light and power known as souls that give the rim life world of the Ocean King, another life at sea. The waters beyond High Rule are the domain of a great spirit known as the Ocean King. Many people live on islands that dot the vast seas beyond the kingdom. It is a parallel world that the hero link wanders into the phantom hourglass. The world of the Ocean King though in another realm appears very much like the great sea of links world. There are numerous islands, including some inhabited by Goran's and a new key races found in old and new High rule evolution of the Zora. As high rule changes, so do the Zora. The three way split in time, alters the scope and direction of these changes greatly, with Zora either maintaining their proud monarchy, evolving to fly instead of swim or becoming monstrous sea creatures that threaten Link rather than help him.