Other Birds - Audiobook [Sci-Fi] - Mysterious, Young Woman, Old Man

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Natural, Casual, Conversational, Characters (elderly cab driver & young woman)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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the empty wicker birdcage beside her began to rattle impatiently. Zoey gave it a sharp look, as if to say they were almost there. It stopped, she glanced at the cab driver to see if he had noticed the old fig shaped man was watching her in the rear view mirror. His silver eyebrows raised several seconds passed and he continued to stare, which she found disconcerting because she felt his eyes should really be on the long bridge over the water, but he seemed to be waiting for her to respond. Did you say something? Zoe said he hadn't spoken a word since. His. Where to? When he picked her up at the airport, I asked if this was your first trip to Mallow Island. Oh, she said, yes. The bird cage rattled in disagreement, but she ignored it this time. It was her first trip. The first trip she could remember anyway. Sites in, I'm moving there, I start college in charleston this fall. Well, he said, drawing the word out like a tune. Don't hear if too many people moving to Mallow Island. It's mostly a tourist place because of that book by Roscoe Evinger, you know it, Zoe nodded distracted now, because the small sea island had just appeared on the horizon and she didn't want to miss a moment of it. It was rising from the marshy coastal water like a lackadaisical sea creature sunning itself, not a care in the world. The closer they got to it, the more her excitement grew. This was really happening