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Audiobook sample from a light-hearted fictional piece.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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the damn door was locked. I pounded on it, but there was no way anyone could hear me over the steady beat of music. I actually felt it. The thump thump. When I pressed my ear to the door, I pulled my coat tighter, legs numb with cold. At some point tonight, I had been convinced black fishnet thigh highs in a mini skirt were a good idea. If that isn't the opening band, Katie, I'm gonna kill you. Katie stood there with our E tickets in her hand, ready to give them over so we could get in to see trouble breathless. I look down the long flight of stairs. We just climbed in high heeled boots. They must have closed all the other entrances, but the main one when the show started, Katie speculated, tucking the tickets safely into her purse. Come on, will have to go around. Shortcut, my ***. Katie, I could be sitting in the front row listening to rob sing right now. If it weren't for you and your iPhone map. I think that's still blue jeans, metal playing, Katie soothed, taking my arm and pulling my coat sleeve. It better be. I shook her off looking at my watch. This is all your fault. She crossed her arms and glared. It is not. I am not the one who took an hour and 1/2 deciding which tramp where would best to track Rob's attention. Oh, please. My crossed arms mirrored hers. You could have thought to get something to eat before we were on the road. Find Sabrina. She rolled her eyes. It's all my fault. Okay, Okay. Let's go. I side eyeing the steep stairs again. Maybe we can still make it before they start. The door opened behind us. I heard it before. I saw it from the corner of my eye, my chest swelling with the hope of our salvation. It opened hard and fast, catching me in the shoulder and on the side of my head, a tall figure barreling through, calling behind him. I think it's this way. For a moment I saw stars as I groped for something solid. I found the handrail on the stairs, my heels slipping backward off the first step. That's when I knew I was gonna fall. I screamed and saw Katie's face a perfect expression of horror, eyes and mouth wide hands reaching out. But she wasn't close enough to catch me. Oh, damn. It was the dark haired guy who had hit me with the door. And he was close enough to reach me. His hands gripped my waist and yanked so hard it felt like my arm was gonna be pulled from its socket. Are you OK? The door, Katie. Ground is it? Swung shut behind a second guy. This one blonde who had stepped forward to help the first. As they pulled me away from the stairs, I touched my throbbing head, rubbing it. I'm OK. I said it more to reassure myself than anyone else. As I stared behind me at the 20 foot fall, it could have taken down the cement steps.