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Having the same passion but on different genres.

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and Emily and cherry like to watch movies now actually Emily and Sheri love to watch movies. They have only one tiny problem. They never like the same movies analyze horror movies. She likes to fear in the blood jerry on the other hand, hates horror movies. He hates to feel a lot. He likes love stories. He likes romantic couples and happy endings. Emma hates romantic movies. She thinks that they're silly and boring. I first they don't know they have such different tastes in this. I'm a cancer. Oh my goodness, Chicago jerry. He also come with me to the movies there is this amazing new movie almost war chest. Which one is it? To plug the axe, jerry thinks about it for a second. Mm doesn't sound a bit bed. Of course not sir. It seems like an amazing movie you must watching and I'll upset him. Well, if you say so, let's go for it to us. Later, jerry's sitting in the theater screaming five minutes later he's running to the bathroom to throw up. Oh my goodness. And I didn't know this. Which a month and said amazing. I don't think it can with him will be like this again. His suitcase jerry. She says, I guess you don't like horror movies as much as I too. A few days later jerry comes up. Mm. Hey casa, listen, you have to come with me to the movies. There is this fantastic new movie. You must watch it. Which one is it some love, you know. Obama thinks about the 1st 2nd. Mm doesn't it sign a bit silly. Of course not. Damn. It seems like a fantastic movie. We must worship general lobster to. Well, he says, so let's go for it. And my grease two hours later and he was sitting in the movie theater. Complete list of five minutes later. She's running away in terror. Oh my goodness. Sherry. I do you know this? Which came up and said fantastic. I don't think I can watch him or will I just again, jerry looks so tensest. Well, I guess you don't like romantic movies as much as I do. That's right. And Greece. What are we going to do? Well, we ever go to meet together again, jerry thinks about it for a moment and finances. I guess we will have to wait for a horror love story. You know, bring me to go. They fall in love and then she eats him.