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Lone Star Sound and Pictures, digital audio and video production for business broadcast and the Web. There you doing this fall? Commit for life. Texas Copperheads Inaugural season is now underway. Several years Oven filed for the I. R s is coming to your home or place of business. We can election with motorcycles and a TVs and just announced no interest and no paperwork because reaction Do you think you have what it takes to be a hospital quick and courteous Service from tool Recommendation to delivery to help our cause. Visit us at star skaters. Hold it. Video isn't all we dio How about a custom Jingo Tigers way to sell royalty free music logo's websites in a wide selection of professional voices from which to choose? Oh yeah, sound effects. And yes, we also shoot green scream. But enough about us. Tell us about you and your next project by phone email, for if you need references or more work samples, check out our website