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Narrative reel comprising three different styles of narration.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (England - South East - Oxford, Sussex) British (General)


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Let's imagine we're writing the recipe for the world's greatest motorsport event. What are the ingredients? First, we'll want some speed, an average of 130 mile per hour or more across a lap should both test the competitors and thrill the Spectators next. A really cool circuit, one that combines fiddly technical corners and really quick sweeping stuff with big long straights in between to ensure the machines can really be worked hard. It's straight across an epic scenery to ensure the TV coverage will look fantastic. If all that sounds like a dream, then it's actually a 111 year old reality. It's the Isle of Man. TT Big Week is the knife edge story of bomber against flat gun and fighter but also crucially fighter against fighters following the fortunes of pilots, aircrew and civilians from both sides, This is the blistering narrative of one of the most critical periods in the entire war, one that culminated in the largest air battle ever witnessed. For adventurers, the world over Mount Everest is an unforgettable sight. A regal plume of snow blows off its summit ridge as ice trails down its flank. But take a closer. Look at this stunning vista, as one team of climate scientists is doing, and you'll start to notice the telltale signs of human impact from people both near and far. Today, the surface of the ice at base camp in Nepal sits more than 150 ft lower than it did 35 years ago, the result of glacial melt from our steadily warming climate. Even the snow itself isn't quite so pristine. At 27,700 ft elevation, it is contaminated with microplastics, the highest yet found on the planet. Mm.