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A narrative excerpt from a gothic fantasy novel; Salt and Silver.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General)


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cobblestone streets, overcome by a frosted winter blanket, stretched and deviated throughout a cold silver city. A gentle fall of snow late, freshly upon the ground, unmarked by any footprint. The moonlight shone a pallet glow that Gormley illuminated the streets. In the absence of any firelight, the people of that city slept or hid in the dark, within their from fish houses of ungainly masonry upon every wall in storefront hung a notice hastily scrawled on the coming of night and removed again by sunrise, a doctrine and the warning that read by fall of the nightly curtain. No man in the street, no light in the window be gone and dimly hidden for the warden comes to do his terrible duty. Heralded by the slow creek oven iron lantern in hand, from out of a dark alleyway stepped a grim figure, a man taking broad strides in high strung boots that I filed the virgin snow. Is he tread? A fine blade hung naked from his waist and across his shoulder was slung a rifle. He patrolled the abandoned roads as the people sealed their doors and fear of him in the dark. It was not the first night in which he'd conducted his miserable shore every night for a new danger for the city of Sankara. Um, on the once picturesque red hue of the setting, sun had long become a bloody and sinister Roman, a countdown of a sort by which to conceal both you and those you love or suffer horrendously. Such was the world mankind had inherited for the full of night was the time when monstrous things emerged not like those described in Children's storybooks, but rather those left undescribed for the fear of summoning death from where these dreaded things were first born. None could say they came out from a time of which there is no record and few still living new truthfully, what these creatures look like. Only the members of the warden's Guild still fought to keep them at bay, as was their sworn in ancient duty