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these days. Bill Gates is enjoying his position as senior statesmen of the tech world and one of the most important philanthropists in the world. But back in the early eighties it was Gates, who is the unproven startup, the kid with the big ears and even bigger ambition, home to over 1500 species of fish and dozens of dolphin and porpoise species. The great barrier reef is one of the largest and most important ecosystems on earth, but it's in grave danger. Rising ocean temperatures have pushed the reef to its breaking point, but it's not too late to save it. As an organization, you've got data in a bunch of different places and a bunch of different formats. So before you can analyze that data, you've got to do two things, one bring it all together, so everything you need is in one place and second you've got to clean and harmonize that data. So it's apples to apples. The first time you go scuba diving is a little weird. Your brain tells you to hold your breath when you go underwater, but when you're wearing scuba gear, you not only can breathe normally, you have to, holding your breath can cause an air embolism where an air bubble enters your bloodstream, which can lead to serious injury.