Sense And Sensibility Audio Narration



This is a demo from Jane Austin's classic novel. I love playing these characters and enjoy the beautifully written words and complexities of the characters.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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Mrs Dashwood, who could not think a man five years younger than herself so exceedingly ancient as he appeared to the youthful fancy of her daughter, ventured to clear Mrs Jennings from the probability of wishing to throw ridicule on his age. But at least Mama, you cannot deny the absurdity of the accusation, though you may not think it intentionally ill natured. Colonel Brandon is certainly younger than Mrs Jennings, but he is old enough to be my father. And if he were ever animated enough to be in love, must have long outlived every sensation of the kind. It is too ridiculous. When is a man to be safe from such wit? If age and infirmity will not protect him? Infirmity, said Elena, do you call Colonel Brandon and Fam? I can easily suppose that his age may appear greater to you than my mother, but you can hardly deceive yourself as toe having the use of his limbs. Did you not hear him complain off the rheumatism? And is it not the most Communist infirmity of declining life? My dearest child, said her mother, laughing. At this rate, you must be in continual terror of my decay. and it must seem to you a miracle that my life has been extended to the advanced age of 40. Mama, you are not doing me justice. I know very well that Colonel Brandon is not old enough to make his friends yet apprehensive of losing him in the course of nature. He may live 20 years longer, but 35 has nothing to do with Mattress. Mony perhaps, said Elena, 35 17 had better not have anything to do with matrimony together. But if there should, by any chance, happen to be a woman who was single at seven and 20 I should not think Colonel Brandon's being 35. Any objection to his marrying her?