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Lyle Scott Hello and thanks for tuning in to the latest hotel book. Podcast on this episode will be providing an overview of one of the most exciting cities in the U. S. Las Vegas. Established just over 100 years ago, this city's name means the meadows because during the 18 hundreds, ah, large underground network of RT. Asian Wells supported extensive green pastures across the Las Vegas Valley. However, what started as a windswept oasis in the southwestern desert soon developed into the largest U. S city, built in the 20th century due to persistent economic growth, business development and immigration. Nowadays, Las Vegas is one of the world's top vacation spots and is one of the best places for entertainment, shopping and gambling around to start off, Las Vegas earned its nickname Entertainment Capital of the World, from decade upon decades of performances from some of the world's greatest talents, including David Copperfield, Penn and Teller, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Celine Dion and Ray Charles. Each year, new performers arrive and others leave, and typically certain performances stay in town from anywhere between a few weeks up. Two years