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Voice Over • Radio Ad


radio advertisement / television advertisement / online advertisement

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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remember hot summer evenings and fireflies and out of this world hand churned ice cream now Eddie's does it for you. Edy's slow churned ice cream half the fat, all the flavor because some things just get better with time. The toner cartridge just exploded on the last room of paper and my presentation is in 72 minutes. That's when my staples. Easy button saves the day, staples has all the supplies I use right now. If only there was an easy button for captain loud in the next cubicle be the light, join with the leukemia and lymphoma society for this year's light the night walk. Pay tribute and bring hope to thousands battling cancer visit light the night dot org to let your light shine. The $5 foot long orchard chicken salad sub is back packed with juicy chicken, sweet apples, tart, cranberries and crunch delicious celery. It's a bushel full of flavor on freshly baked bread here for a limited time only Subway eat fresh. What's the latest in I? Couture intense shadow blast from cover girl. The new eyeshadow with primer built right in so the shadow lasts rich color that's fade proof, waterproof, totally ignore proof. Oh yeah, from easy breezy, beautiful Covergirl fight grime in less time with MR clean magic eraser. All it takes is a single swipe of Mr clean's superpower. Micro scrubbers, my dingy walls and scuffed floorboards. Voila just like new visit. Mr clean dot com for a $3 coupon and save the day at your house