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English (Received Pronunciation), cockney accent, narration, character

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Voice Over • Elearning


An animated workplace safety video for employees featuring a friendly, confident, patronizing, corporate voice narrator guiding a hapless, bored, slow, employee (Sam) through a series of workplace accidents.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British, England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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Sam is your average ex con employee, completely un remarkable outside of the fact that they work at Ex con Hey, But while Sam has little value, if Sam was involved in a workplace accident, his huge payout would do immense damage to the company. Oh, how much could I get paid? That's none of your business. But what is your business is workplace safety. So today we are going to walk through the most common workplace accidents and how you can avoid them. Oh, thank you. Formless voice of ex con Please call me God. Here we have a classic workplace accident waiting to happen. The janitor has recently mopped the bathroom floor and left a yellow slippery when wet sign to alert employees to its presence. Now let's take a look at Sam handling this situation before watching this video. I've really got to go to the toilet. Hey, what's this yellow thing? Get out my way. As you can see, Sam has not paid any attention to the warning signs left out by the benevolent ex con. Luckily, in this situation, Sam wouldn't get a payout as the warning sign would be enough to cover ex con in the ensuing lawsuit. Oh, I deserve this for putting X corner at risk. You do, Sam. You really do. But let's rewind and give you a second chance to make up for your folly. Oh, I've really got goat of toilet. Hey, what's this yellow thing? Hang on. I remember this. This was one of those, um uh, warning things. That's right, Sam. The words on it are trying to tell you something. Ah, slip slip. Slippery One. When? When it says slippery when wet, Slippery when wet. Oh, my God. How did you even make it this far? Oh, sadly, that's what I ask myself every day. Well done, Sam. You've avoided the slippery floor and live to see another 12 hour shift at Ex con. Yeah. Now let's move on to yet another scenario and see if you can survive another day at work. When do I get to go home? Oh, Sam, when we let you Oh, What's going on? Oh, no, Sam. There seems to be a breach from our secret biohazard lab, but I thought we made paper. Ex con does many things, Sam. Now let's review the emergency evacuation procedures. We're all going to die. Poor Sam. The good news is Sam landed in the dumpster so we don't have to worry about a funeral. The bad news is that they didn't learn the evacuation protocols to stay safe during an experimental bioweapon breach. So let's try all of that again. Uh huh. Where am I? I saw a white light and I was being summoned by voices and I saw everyone that I'd ever laughed. It was perfect. It was paradise. Sounds like you were in ****, Sam. Thankfully, you're safely back at Xcor now, So forget all that. Now let's try and survive that biohazard leak. Do you remember the evacuation protocols now? I do. I just need to head down the stairs and make my way to safety. Gold star Sam. Oh, no. The stairs are blocked. Looks like the window is the only escape route now, But I'll die Sometimes. Them's the breaks, Sam. But thankfully, now that you've read and understood the emergency protocols, ex con is now not responsible for any actions you undertake during your evacuation. Good boy. Cruel world. Oh, Sam, you'll be missed until you're replaced. I'm alive. My legs. Thanks for joining us. for this training video on how to be a safer ex con employee. You now have the skills and the know how to stay alive while you're with us. Help! Help! Please! Somebody help!