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The book is She Devil

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Hi there this is m So today we're going to read this book, she devil. Let's get right into it. Standing in front of the massive building of Becker Group of industries. I took a different, It was located in one of the most expensive and industrial areas of the city with most of its its exterior middle plus this pre building was giving the surrounding buildings around with their money. This was my seat interview since my graduation a few months ago. Each of these companies wanted me to work with them. Not because I was first in my class at Yale or I had six letters of recommendation from my academic record had been exited. They only wanted me for my last year. P. R. C. Christian Pierce. My father owned a multinational company in san Francisco and was easily one of the most successful men in California. The company wanted me because having christian Pierce's son worked for them was an achievement on its own. For choosing my father's name to exile was not how I wanted to start my professional career. That's the reason why I was standing in front of Becca the nightmare of every business student there is on being faith Becker The Ceo was rumored to be the dever train. Can you wanted? She had made many of my old classmates and seniors bust out in tears during the interview and I was surely going to be the next in line. Having a sign I entered through the massive glass door and reached the receptionist taking off my son process. I flashed how my dazzling smile, rested my arm on her desk in a charming money. Yes. Uh, how can I help you? She asked, standing. All right, good morning to you too. Can you tell me which way to go for the interviews for methods? New assistant? I stared deep into her eyes and she turned plastered for a brief moment but regained her poise. The next, I was aware of my effort from the opposite gender, and it was okay to use it to my