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Duck Duck Dinosaur

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Child (5-12)


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mama, Duck's eggs hadn't hatched yet but already she felt like the luckiest duck in the pond soon. She would have a big happy family at last. One egg began to wiggle. It wiggled and wobbled and then crap out. Hatched a very fluffy duckling with a quack and a kiss. Mama named her feather. Then wiggle wobble crack out. Hatched another duckling flapping his wings with a quack and a kiss. Mama named him flap. Look how big you both are, she said, I am big, said feather. I am full of bigness. I'm big too. I'm big too, said flap whether fluffed herself up. But I am bigger, she said now now, said mama, but the ducklings kept arguing. They didn't notice that the last egg was rocking slowly back and forth, back and forth, crack big. And he was with a quack and a kiss. A woman named him. Spike. Spike smiled at his sister and brother. Oh what a sweet family! Said mama. I am sweet, said feather. Giving mom a flower. I have oodles of sweetness. I'm sweet too. I'm sweet too, said flap. Be handed mama a whole bouquet. But I am sweeter said feather. Sweet Mama Giggles Whole one of Funny Family. I am funny, bright feather. I am bursting with funniness. She made a funny face. She did a little dance. She dove into the pond with a splash. I'm funny too. I'm funny to block but I am funnier said feather. And the ducklings kept arguing, Tony wish I'm cold said feather. I am shaking with coldness. I'm cold. Do I'm cold. Do lap shivered. Oh that won't do, said mama, who wants a cuddle? I do said feather. I do too. I do. To sit up could do with a quack and three kisses. They cuddled together Under Mama's Wings. No one was bigger or sweeter, more funnier or better. They were all the best, best family happy and they were.