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1. Fortune Magazine: smooth, sophisticated, corporate
(Website hidden)s: humorous, character
3. Oakwood Cancer Care Center: sincere, warm, conversational
4. Facebook: obnoxious, sarcastic, New York accent
5. Automotive: hard sell, announcer

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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There are new forces at work in America today. Creative, inventive and stimulating drives that will ultimately affect the way people think and behave. That source is Fortune magazine. A Tom. What's up? Well, I've been coming to your gym for a while now. I'm feeling healthy, but I haven't lost these stubborn love handles. Let's talk diet, Tom. What do you eating? I only have salads for dinner. Well, there's your problem, Tom. What? Too much salad? No. You need to stop having dinner. You kidding? No pain. No gain, Tom. The folks over at Oakwood Cancer Care Center removed my spinal tumor with a robotic system that used this high energy beam. Then I asked them if it could remove a tattoo with my old girlfriend's name on it. They said it couldn't. The tumor is gone, and they did save my life. You have to know everything about it because of who? The Internet. Fine. You'll love it so much. Then here we made you your very own Facebook app. So you can watch it anyway. You want and do all your other stupid stuff free now. When was the last time you heard that? When you buy one All weather radio tire. You get another free pay With a deal like this, how could you not afford to visit?