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This case film, produced by Kolle Rebbbe, is about the works of Ayzit Bostan for the Tea Bag Collection by teamaker Hälssen & Lyon. It has won several awards.

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Since 18 79 Nelson and Leo has been crafting finest teas for clients across the world. They have learned that it takes much more than dedication to compete in this 1,000,000,000 euro market kind of most signing chef partner Eun Tak Frieda. No, you go to keep ****'s non Leon and their tea. At the height of fashion, we created a teabag collection. The first tee backs that look on DH feel like iconic designer hand packs. The bags were lovingly handcrafted in collaboration with renowned fashion designer Isaac Boston, with materials commonly used in tea production like quarter silk and permeable cotton. Theo Teabag collection was first exclusively sent to longstanding customers. Then that made its public premiere at Berlin Fashion Week, Germany's most important fashion event. Where quickly grab the attention of fashion lovers on bloggers. Fashion Week visitors helped spread the teabag collection online, generating valuable PR for the brand mailing and promotion, reminded loyal clients of the company strength and innovation and lead to profitable new business deals, keeping t fashionable teabag collection