Native Scottish Accent Commercial Demo 2023

Television Ad



Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Scottish (General)


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Buying things to help wee ones learn. Plus everyday bills is a balancing act. That's why Social Security. Scotland has five family payments including best start grant, early learning payment at Scottish Power. We're helping to shape the future of energy with our biggest ever recruitment drive from accountants and project managers to ecologists and engineers. It lives on the streets and on the pitches. So much emotion on the pitch. In every town and every village, it lives on the terraces and in the stands when passing someone on a bike, the highway code says you always need to give at least 1.5 m. Leave space for a life. It's the law. Patrick lives on an island off the west of Scotland. Say hello Patrick, hello. Now when Patrick and the rest of the local community fill in the census, we'll know that they have more need for, say a new runway than a motorway flyover. That's because filling in the census helps us find out what your community really needs. I feel like I'm fading away. Everyone is getting on with their lives and I'm living this half life. No use to anyone. No use to my husband. No, used to my child, a Phantom and a tracksuit. Johnny Walker blue label is a velvety smooth scotch crafted using rare whiskey from across the four corners of Scotland.