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I'm hunter gather and I'm from boston and I can pack my car and have it yet, but I also know how to deal with the jib bronies and poisons over in Brooklyn. I could also be from the deep South if you want. Or a little bit more reserved. Like maybe I'm from texas or it could be a surfer dude on the west coast or it could be out in Chicago or Wisconsin eating some cheese. Perhaps a mid atlantic accent is better. Good evening. You're watching BBC News London. I ate that BBC. I do. It's a bunch of trash. Ah but perhaps you could come to France and enjoy parry or you could be from Canada and we could go out and play some pond hockey after we hit tim Hortons. Well, perhaps tom there. You want to hit me in the 19 forties as a newscaster? Well, perhaps Mr castle, I could be the kingpin. Sometimes I'm David lynch and I want to order some coffee and yeah, robert, you don't want to talk like that robert because