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Animation Voice Over Demo Reel

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North American (General)


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The monsters must have stolen it. We need to launch an immediate counter offensive. And remember stan, you must always address me as supreme goblin master. I am crackle flint, tremble as I tear through the very fabric of space time and burn through your dimension with my fiery 10 drills! Taste my delicious wrath. Might I exhort the chamber to roar a mighty Harare for her majesty, in her brilliant decision not to raise tax on Tetley teabags. You think you're in charge? I think I'm just gonna roll over and play dad. Not anymore. I'm in charge of this here, ma. You ain't the big man in town no more. I'm the big man. Now, yo yo yo locals only Malibu barbie, so you better jet before the crew gets here, dear! This spring flower esteban believe that being a captain of a ship, upon the churning waves of the beautiful, unforgiving seat, He's not a job for a delicate blossom. Yes, yes, a fascinating specimen. I'm still putting the pieces together. But the whole history of this place. Wait, what was I talking about?