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Three excerpts of about 1:30 - 2:00 each. One Summer by David Baldacci. Born to Run (autobiography) by Bruce Springsteen. The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum

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Canadian, North American, US General American (GenAm)


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Martin Landry. Narrator This is from One summer by David Baldacci. Suddenly, Jack felt the force of the back of his neck. At first he thought that Sami was trying to pull him away from his dead child. But the force wasn't pulling. It was pushing him back to her. Jack bent down, took an enormous breath, held it, put his mouth over Mickey's and blue with all the strength he had left in his body. As the air fell away from him and into Mickey, everything for Jack stopped and the storm was gone. It was like he had envisioned dying to be quiet, peaceful, isolated, alone As that breath rushed from him, The events of the last year also raised through his mind. And now this Mickey gone. Jack felt himself drifting away as though over calm water propelled to another place. He had no idea where, but he was alone. Lizzie And now Mickey were gone. He no longer wanted to live. It didn't matter anymore. There was peace. But there was also nothing else because he was alone. The water hitting him in his face brought him back. The thought of the past retreated, and he was once more in the present. It was still raining, but that's not what had struck him. He looked down as Mickey gave another shutter and coughed up the water that had been buried deeply in her lungs. Her eyes opened, flattered, opened again and stay that way. Her pupils focused, and she saw her dad hovering above her. Mickey put out her arms, gripped her father's neck tightly. Daddy, she said in a tiny voice. Jack sank down. And Helder, I'm here, baby, I am here. This is from Born to run by Bruce Springsteen. How's Liz and Coolest about where to turn next? I decided to lose myself in the marginally more controllable terrain of my musical life, with the spider web of my past coming up my works, I turned toward a world I'd walk through as a child, remain on familiar terms with and heard calling to me. Now Nebraska began as an unknowing meditation on my childhood. In its mysteries, I had no conscious political agenda or social theme. I was after a feeling a tone. It felt like the world I had known and still carried inside me. There are minutes of that world was still only 10 minutes and 10 miles from where it was living, the ghosts of Nebraska were drawn from my many soldier rings into the small town streets I'd grown up on my family. Dylan, Woody, Hank. The American Gothic. Short Stories of Flannery O Connor, The War novels of James M. Cain, The quiet violence of the films of Terrence Malick and the decayed fable of director Charles Lawton's The Night of the Hunter All guided my imagination. This is from the Born Supremacy by Robert Ludlum. He sat on the rocks above the beach, knowing he had to think clearly. He had to define what was before him and what was expected of him and then how to out think whoever was manipulating him. Above all, he knew he could not give in to panic, even the perception of panic. A panicked man was dangerous, a risk to be eliminated. If he went over the edge, he would only insure the death of Marie and himself. It was that simple. Everything was so delicate, violently delicate. David Webb was out of the question. Jason Born had to assume control. Jesus, it was crazy. Maupin off had told him to walk on the beach as Web and now he had to sit there. Is born thinking things out as born with Think them out. He had to deny one part of himself and accept the opposite. Strangely, it was not impossible, nor even intolerable, for Murray was out there his love, his only love. I don't think that way. Jason Bourne spoke. She is a valuable possession taken from you. Get her back. David Webb spoke. No, not a possession. My life. Jason Bourne. Then break all the rules. Find her. Bring her back to you. David Webb. I don't know how Help me use May.