Nature's Beauty: A Short Documentary With my Voice



enjoy learning and improving every day, and a clear example of this is that even though English is not my native language, I can adapt no matter the circumstances.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Spanish (South American - Colombian)


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Nature's Beauty assured the commentary. Join us on an amazing journey through nature. In this short documentary, see the beautiful colors of birds flying and explores the deep oceans full of life from big mountains to green forest. Nature is incredible. Discover how animals and plants depend on each other to surly watch as predators hunts and learn how animals adapt to the to the environment, learn why it's important to take care of nature and how our actions can affect it. Understand that everything in nature is connected and we need to protect it. This documentary is about 20 minutes long and we show you the amazing beauty of nature. Let's appraise see it and preserve our plan it for the future.