Cat Expo Promo in English with a friendly approachable voice

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radio ad for a cat show with some background sound effects.

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It's finally here. The cat's meow tour has PD its way up to Marcia's Cove. We've got Abyssinian British short hairs. Burmese Chantilly kittens, cornish rexes, some splendid Egyptian Mas, Japanese bobtails, Maine **** cats and many more. Did I mention our Russian Blues, Persians rag dolls and Pixie Bobs? You won't want to miss this fine array of felines. Here's your personal invitation to join us at Bloomers Fairgrounds for an all day event from 8 to 6 on Saturday, November 12th. The cat's meow tour at Bloomer's Fairgrounds for one day only meow.