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it may look like a large dark rock, but the common bath sponge was already in use 4500 years ago at the legendary Knossos Palace by nobles who bathes with natural sponges. Sea sponges must undergo an elaborate process before they're ready for use. Ivana Bellini has been harvesting natural sea sponges for years, a passion and tradition he inherited from his father. He will guide us on the journey the sponges take from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea to our homes. Together, we can meet global demand for learning. We can equip every learner for the 21st century. We can inspire learners who are disengaged. We can empower learners who need a second chance. We can reach learners in remote or impoverished regions on DH weaken. Transform all schools, colleges and universities to meet the needs of every kind of learner everywhere. Where do we start? Connect? Provide access to a shared learning infrastructure, linking learners to information resources, institutions on DH, each other anywhere. Any time you are staying up to date on the hottest tech news, you are being inspired to dream big, and it motivated to turn that dream into reality.