my book blurb for-Toe the Line

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This demo demonstrates the engaging, smooth tone of my voice in audiobook style. Showing my usage of inflections to convey the scene and tone of the moment.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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I would soon be trained to spot that brown brown hat a mile away with respect covered fear for its wearer. The bus doors opened. He stepped up. But he was too big to come all the way in. I felt the entire bus lean and squeak just from his weight. The Hulk looked at us in a moment of silence. He closed his eyes for a second. As he took in a deep breath, he raised his right hand with his fingers, joined straight and yelled Get the **** off my damn bus! Now! Now, now! Holy ****! He's going to kill us! My legs are betraying me and just wasn't listening to my brain and a silent protest. The hope must have read my situation as he yelled. Move, move, move! Get your *** is in gear! Hurry up, Private! My rebellious legs responded to him even though they had betrayed me. We all were pushing and shoving each other to get out of this damn bus. Getting out The bus became the most important thing in life. Right now you better not be the last one off the bus. Private