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in Lynchburg Tennessee, you can park in the middle of the room to talk with a neighbor about taxes or the weather. You can pick enough wild blackberries to fill it in bucket and you can see a distillery where Jack Daniel made whiskey way back in 18 66 we still make it in a slow, deliberate fashion, much as he did one sip. You'll be glad to know. We don't ever plan to stop Jack Daniel mood sipping Tennessee whiskey Seattle like many large cities, is really a collection of neighborhoods, small towns if you will. That combined to give the appearance of one large urban center. But take the time to look a little closer and you'll discover each section of the city is distinct in character with its own attractions and reasons to visit. Less than two years later, General William Tecumseh Sherman scorched a path of destruction across Georgia that ended with the capture of Savannah. In december of 18 64 Sherman had offered the port city to President Lincoln as a christmas Gift union Victory was near nestled in the rolling hills of the Connecticut river Valley Chester is a lovely new England village. The charming winding roads, interesting shops and friendly people greet the visitor and resident alike. Originally known as paddock on Quarter Chester was settled in 16 92 employing over 40,000 people. It's china's biggest project since the great wall. From ground breaking to the completion of the world's largest ship blocks. This film chronicles the progress and price of the world's biggest and most controversial dam. This is the story of the Three Gorges project home over the centuries the great riders like Jonathan swift George, Bernard shaw and James Joyce's Dublin has always been a center of the arts. Now, with the still roaring Celtic tiger economy to support it, Ireland's capital city is the bustling home of ever burgeoning business, important cultural institutions, lively nightlife and a youthful, energetic population of both natives and newcomers.