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Matthew Blade Commercial Demo Reel

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Voice Over • Television Ad


Spots from brands such as Verizon, IHOP, Southwest, Esurance, Rolex, etc.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)


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The network you want the price. You love Verizon America's most reliable 5G network. It doesn't just tell time, it tells history. Rolex. The Ihop rewards program is here and it's delicious. Some say we do things differently. We say, why would we do things any other way? Southwest Airlines with insurance, photo claims? You can have money within a day, Esurance and I'll stay company, click or call conjuring a blazing encounter naked skin your own private summer down four private blend collection Gatorade. Is it in you introducing the new mathews? D. X. T. Matthews Catch us if you can?