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Murder mystery audiobook sample

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it happened all at once. I was walking out to my police cruiser and bam it hit me, my vision blurred and the colors faded away into an obscured black and white swirl and I felt weak. I closed my eyes and put my hands over my face. My heart pounded like a drum. The pain subsided and I opened my eyes. Things were still black and white. I stood there inside an old house in the living room. Two chairs in a china cabinet sat against the walls on a creaky hardwood floor. The curtains on the front windows flowed back and forth as the ceiling fan above rattled along its endless cycle. I walked over to the china cabinet and looked at the various china silverware and trinkets. The spiral blue pattern on most dishes was mesmerizing the same pattern you'd see in an abyss, starting with a small circle and swirling outward until the line stopped. I pushed the curtains aside only to find a brick wall outside of the windows. I left the living room and stood at the bottom of a large staircase. Each step was covered in snow. From the top of the stairs I could hear the faint cry of a child. I drew my pistol and walked up each step slowly watching my six. The best I could each step I took gave off a soft creak as I put my weight on it. I could feel my heart pounding louder and louder as the child's cry drew closer I came to the top of the stairs and looked down at both ends of the hallway. There were seven doors three on the left and right, and a door at the end of the hall, covered in blood snowflakes fell from the ceiling, Cradling themselves against the floor. one x 1, I took a moment to admire the **** I had thrust myself into. In any other case I'd find this site beautiful. The bloody door at the end of the hall filled me with dread. I felt like I was back in the Winslow house all over again. The child's cries grew louder. It was a soft cry, followed by soft coughs. I felt bad for the kid to be stuck in this hellacious place forever. Not having a way out of here. I took a deep breath and walked down the hall. Slowly. Faint noises came from the other doors as I passed the sound of cries, people arguing, and even someone singing softly to themselves. I reached the door at the end of the hall and opened it slowly. My eyes widened. Husband and wife laid on the ground, butchered and fileted from growing to sternum. Blood dripped from the walls where they had once stood. A woman sat in the middle of the room. She was no older than 25, cradling a little boy in her arms, rocking him back and forth, the young boy cried into her chest as she tried to comfort him. It will all be over soon, she said