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Matt Schwartz_Character Reel

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Voice Over • Animation


Here are a few character voices I put together, and wrote! Please enjoy.


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Hi. This is Matt Schwartz's voiceover. Real enjoy. Well, that's what happens when you steal from pagans. You awaken the dead and doom yourself to a life of damnation. Hellfire We've been over This has returned, even done with my boy. Dammit! Private Davis, I've grown to care for you so deeply. You make me feel like life isn't so empty and meaningless after all. Will you accept this, Rose? I love you. Sorry, Bras. I gotta hit the library up. Gets more studs in for this test. You know I'm Sand. I'd like to present to the jury a photocopy of the defendant. Slighted. Now here is an enlargement of the same photo showing a signature which does not match the one found on the body. Confucius say avenged burgers like a hybrid F to 50. Natural if you like. Rap music. Oh, Mary, get off the stage. You're embarrassing yourself. He has low blood sugar. Will you rise up today? Way back down, like so many times before, man. I tell you what, You cut pastrami off your diet to a little yoga. I feel like I'm 43 again. If you don't past May after hearing this you got less brains of the debt square on the roadside. I don't know how to express my emotions properly. Matched award sign amount.