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30-Second Comedy Movie Trailer Script:
[Elliott lays on the floor watching a black-and-white movie on TV. Grandma Jo has fallen asleep on the sofa behind him. He shoots her an antagonizing glare as she lets out a mighty snore.]

“This is a movie about me, Elliott Yang, and my Grandma Jo.”


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Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (General)


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a 32nd comedy movie trailer script, and it lays on the floor watching a black and white movie on TV. Grandma Jo has fallen asleep on the sofa behind him. He should shoot her an antagonising glare as she lets out a mighty snore. This is a movie about me, Elliot Yang and my grandma job. Eddie walks down an empty street, hitting the ground with a stick board. Have his mind? Did you think I was going to feel happy about being forced to spend my summer in the suburbs of New Jersey than 88 a half year old woman? He here, right, the community centre. Elliott's gaze pauses on a flyer pinned in an events board. A woman with no Internet? No where you see and one TV channel. Yeah, earlier approaches to fly up and notice. There's an ad for a New York City film festival featuring a special guest Marine Corin dished, But all that changed when I learned about something that could alter the course of my son. A quick montage of shots featuring Elliott and his grandma Jo and the back of a Greyhound bus that grinds to a halt, summoning a scary looking driver on the side of the highway and crossing the Hudson River in a speed. The only problem is getting there. I mean, it's not that far. Early on, Joe dishevelled after a day of perilous adventure, push aside photographers as they tumble onto the red carpet that was 82 a half miles just in time for supper.