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Welcome to Uber. We're so glad you've chosen to join our team of amazing drivers all over the world. Now that we've reviewed the Uber app and navigating with GPS system, we need to discuss how to handle awkward or uncomfortable situations such as passengers like Madison who's clearly half a dozen tequila shots past, able to stand up, check out these cringeworthy situations and how best to handle them so that everyone is comfortable. Welcome to ibMS Kiss Kit, developer course. The key areas of focus for this course are defining executing and visualizing results of quantum circuits using the kIS KIT SdK understanding single cubit gates and their rotations on the block sphere and leveraging fundamental kiss kit SdK features including commonly used classes and functions lucy and tom are collecting fireflies. There jar holds 24 fireflies and they filled it halfway. How many more fireflies do they need? That's right. They need 12 more fireflies. Sam do you have a minute? I'd like to talk to you about this email we all just got from corporate about the new vacation policy. I have some questions Of course. What can I answer for you? I'm concerned about the rollover calculations. Some of my staff started mid year and this policy makes it sound like they're not going to be allowed to roll any days to next year because they haven't worked a full 12 calendar months. Is that accurate toxic. Oh, kinetic models for the uptake of chemicals into fish are based on a number of processes for uptake and elimination. In the case of fish. The major process of uptake is by diffusion from the surrounding water compartment, via the gill to the blood, elimination can be via different processes, diffusion via the gill from blood to the surrounding water compartment, by growth or dilution and by internal degradation of the chemical or bio transformation.