Sports announcer and athlete voiceover demo.

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11 seconds left. Horton in the Gun Buckhalter right next to him. Here he is. The season is on the line. He fires into the end zone. Good evening, everybody. And welcome to the greatest show in sports here. We g o down to the goal line. It's Paterson. He's dangerous. Breaking down the sideline, Benjamin finding room up the middle With the spring and a great block on the play, the pass is intercepted. Its goal line total disbelief in trouble. He's sacked. Did he make the catch of the 15? What are they gonna do, rule any corner? He did what? Probably the final play of the game. Here it is. The season is on the line. Do the Titans have a miracle left in them? If they do, they need it now. Far back to pass, pumps to the left. Eight seconds left. He gets away from the pressure fires to the end zone. It's caught. Touchdown, an improbable victory. How do you like that? They have to go deep into the end zone. All season long, we've been special. There are a lot of people out there. Our families, our cities, our coach. Let's play for each other, right? This is it. Don't hold nothing back. This is it. We're trying to be the best in history. The world is watching right now. Win on three! 123 win!