Tipping the waitress.

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Its about as fella that tips a waitress. As soon as the waitress leaves he shares some matters with his friend. He is a bit weary to share in a restaurant but his friend friend reasured him

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Yeah, I think. Okay, Frank. Ah, David, Have a seat. So do you want more coffee, sir? Yeah, please. On the check. Anything for you, sweetie. Water's fine. Thank you. No. Well, if you boys need anything else, let me know. So, how to go? Maybe we should speak outside. I mean, there's a lot of people in here. Don't worry about it. No one's paying any attention. Well, okay, so we had just gotten back to the garage. Anyone follow us? I, uh I think we're clear. Good. Thank Christ. I thought that cop almost got me. Now. You've been really sloppy lately, Charlie. Hey, What are you talking about? We got away, didn't we? Yeah, barely. Come on, David. Give me a break. We got the job done. That's all that matters. Hang on. That was Frank. He says turn on the radio. Breaking news. Outside Fairdale, Kentucky. Two armed gunmen broke into a division of Geoffrey's Banking and approximately 9. 27 PM, two officers were confirmed to be dead at the scene. The gunmen stole roughly $60,000 from safety deposit boxes. While neither suspect has been identified, security footage revealed the tattoo oven eagle on the right angle of one of the assailants. Authorities are still looking for the gunman. If you have any information, please contact local law enforcement. I told you thousands of times to cover that damn tattoo. Yeah, I'm covering it up right now. No, Charlie, for once in your life, think it's too late. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, David, take it easy. We can fix this. Two cops dead. Charlie too. Do you think they would have spent this much time chasing us if Hey, you popped one to your hands? Air Justus Bloody is mine because you shot first. What? Did you just expect me to sit there while they peppered us? They were retaliating. Charlie, We're killing me. Isn't going to get him off your trail. No, you're right. But I have orders. Frank said if you screwed up one more time, I was supposed to put one right in the back of your head. David, you can't. You're right, David. You just got to tell Frank you're already dead. I killed you as soon as I heard the radio broadcast. I'm dumping your body in the quarry right now. Just get out of here, David. I just go. You're a ghost now, Skip town. Don't come back. Ah, thank you. I won't forget this. Yeah, they took his body to the quarry after that. Really unfortunate was a partner like that. But you'll get over it. Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. Here you go. You to have a great day. Thanks, sweetheart. I want out. What? You heard me. I went out. I can't do anymore, Frank. Look, I know you're upset, kid, but it's not that simple. Once you're in, you're in for life. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, and tip the waitress for me, will you? I think. Yeah, yeah.