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Hello. Welcome yellow, listening to podcasts daily. My name is Meghna French. Scientists have revived a 48,400 years old Zombie virus buried under a frozen lake in Russia. Until now, according to new york post french scientists have sparked fears of it. Another pandemic. After reviving the zombie virus. The situation would be much more disastrous in the case of plant, animal or human diseases caused by revival of an ancient virus reads the viral study. So what are your thoughts on this? So let's get started about the zombie virus today. So the climate change due to global warming is rapidly throwing the ancient permafrost, which may pose a new trick to humans. According to researchers who revolved nearly two dozen viruses, including one frozen under a late, more than 48,500 years ago, european researchers examined ancient samples collected from permafrost in Siberia region of Russia. They revolved characterized 30 new pathogens were determined as Zombie viruses and found that they remain infectious despite spending many millennia tapped in the frozen ground. According to a Bloomberg report. The oldest dubbed as Pandora virus. Dodoma is known to be 48,000 years old. Scientists have long one that the topping of permafrost atmospheric warming will worsen climate change by freezing previously chopped greenhouse gasses like methane but its effect and dormant pathogens is less well understood. The term of researchers from Germany Russia and France at the biological risk of re animating the viruses they studied was totally negligible due to the strains they targeted mainly those capable of infecting amoeba microbes. The potential revival of a virus that could infect animals humans is much more problematic. They said, warning that their work can be extrapolated to show the danger is real. It is that's likely that ancient permafrost will release the unknown viruses upon table they wrote in an article posted to the pre print repost treaty, be biodynamics that hasn't been peer reviewed. So this is all about See you in the next book guest. Until then we're gonna signing off. Bye bye.