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This sample script is three lengths of the same situation. It's a video game character, a fairy, who has lost her all important wand and has to go through dense woods, avoiding werewolves and other enchanted creatures. The character is powerful, but lacks confidence in herself.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
I knew I shouldn't have flown so recklessly now. Where can my unicorn hair wand be? Professor Wilkins will call me careless again. I have to find it. I just have to. I have never been without my fairy magic. Oh! This is my worst nightmare. I just, I just need to cross the wondrous woods, and everything will be fine. I can do it. These potions will certainly help me protect myself. I am glad I listened to mrs quibble and kept these. Perhaps I should drink some of the defense potion that ought to keep me safe for a few hours. Don't lose your wand! He said. Oh, I am so foolish. What am I going to do without my wand? It was made from the finest unicorn hair that Mr Morkel has had. Well, at least I have mrs quibbles potions to help me get through the wondrous woods. Oh, I hope I do find it. This should protect me for a few hours. The defense potions never failed to keep the werewolves away now off to the woods. They'll all laugh at me when they hear I lost my wand. Oh, I have to find it. The wondrous woods can't be that bad kick at it. Maybe something here can help me. Oh, thank goodness! I totally forgot about my potions. That'll do the trick now, After the woods I go