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three happy wives. They vowed to be faithful, but one is more likely to cheat. Is it the first time Mom, the model or the housewife cast your vote online at abc news dot com. What you learn may save your marriage for the smoothest brilliance dance. Keep your ears tuned into the West Coast. Cool 98.1 FM Catch the Bqool Heart The Night All night long. Cool Jazz on Gulf in 98.1. Next on Cartoon Network. More of the Scooby Doo Marathon. Hey, Scooby, save a Scooby snack for me In 1995 it was O. J. Simpson in 1996. Bill Gates in 1997. Princess Diana in 1998. It was Bill Clinton in 1999. Who will be A and E's biography of the year. Find out December 13th at eight Pacific nine Eastern Honey. The Preceding was a paid program, the opinion stated. Do not express the views of CNBC or its employees. Throughout history, Man has marvelled at the vast complexity of the universe. Without a single unified voice, humanity has been left searching for answers to the unknown. Now one man has the power to change that and to spread his voice across the earth for all of mankind to here, one man may