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music isn't just something we listen to. We feel it. We explore it, we make it. Classroom 200 helps teachers unlock the connections, character and stories and the music all around. When was the last time you checked in with your employees? Really checked it? Do you know how Ben is doing with the home schooling? Sarah's dad got over his operation yet. And is Dave coping okay with the kids whilst his wife is on night shifts? The world might have changed. Say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of madness. That's the way we felt about traditional agencies. So we created a perfect storm, a new way of working. Our core purpose forms part of the D. P. G difference, which you'll see in every interaction you have with us. Our innovative learning approach and commitment to excellence has helped thousands of students achieve their career goals. Studying with us, you'll quickly discover how passionate we are smart. We know your number one priority is helping your students do their best work in person. It's easier to spot when one person is struggling to keep up, but in a remote classroom. Uncertain students. After missing out last year, our customers are planning to pull out all the stops to make this festive season even more special. We've got their celebrations covered with our exciting new range of delicious Christmas food, including around 300 new innovative products and a range of crowd pleasing beers, wines, spirits and cocktails so they can sit back and savour every magical moment and a warm welcome from our helpful and knowledgeable colleagues. Means will be known as the friendliest supermarket this Christmas.