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A fun ad where I \"talk\" to talent on set, repping GMC's #WorkFromAnywhere campaign.

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Are you tired of working from home? You are really loud coffee first. Right. Sorry. Are you tired of working from home? Just tired in general. What are you talking? Have you forgotten how to put together a basic outfit? This always fits me. Does the sight of the standing desk that once brought you joy. Now make you want to sit down and scream. I mean not scream no, but like You are not alone. You're really not girl. I scream all the time. 67% of all workers believe burnout has worsened during the pandemic. That is so true. Fast. That checks out you. All right jay Well here at GMC we understand your struggle and we're here to help. I wish I could work there. You can really introducing G. M. C. S. Work from anywhere connected the available in vehicle wifi and select GMC vehicles and take your office from your home to any number of amazing locales. A sunny mountain peak, a relaxing lakeside, a neighborhood park and many more. I get out of the house too. So whatever your job is, we want to see the office you create tag at G. M. C. With your work from anywhere setups at least this still fits. Yes I'm still here beginning june 24th visit GMC dot com slash work from anywhere. For information on how a limited number of current eligible customers can register for 30 days of complementary in vehicle data and to enter for your chance to win a new GMC sierra 84 because working from home is so 2020