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An informational video for a mobile application that helps detect and warn of impending earthquakes.

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Over 500,000 earthquakes occur each year. 100,000 of these can be felt about one will have a magnitude of 8.0 or greater. There is not currently a way to accurately predict when that major one will stop. However, with early warning systems, most of the damage and injury cost can be prevented but due to high costs, these systems are not in place everywhere only in those areas along major fault lines. But did you know the same technology used in professional systems can actually be found in your iphone and ipad, it's called an accelerometer. This is the motion sensor used in gaming. Like to make the steering in your favorite racing game more realistic. So why not also put this technology to work to save lives? The Federal Emergency Management agency fema would like to introduce epicenter a mobile application that not only helps to warn you of impending disaster. But what to do if an earthquake hits in your area, epicenter is about a network of devices. All being a sensor. For example, if in a range of 15 miles, 4000 devices feel motion at the same time, seismic activity is likely present, an alert will appear telling you what actions to take immediate, well, where the nearest exits are located. These same alerts will be posted to Twitter and Facebook epicenter will even be connected to all major news sources. So just as fast as people are reading the news on Twitter, they'll be broadcasting it on the air ensuring that people will have as much time as possible to get to safety. Once downloaded, you'll find ways to prepare such as what to put in a disaster kit and how to reduce or eliminate injuries in your home or work with epicenter by fema. You can be a sensor and provide an early warning system to everyone.