A Dragon In Me

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This is a minecraft role play of which i voice act as the queen and the main character midnight. this is only the first 2-3 minuets of the video.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General)


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Lesa, I'm here. What's wrong? You saw that Worried on the side. But my daughter All your life we have apparently free future. And now with the leaf, right, Teo Kingdom. You need to take your place. That's the Carl put it. Sets? Yeah, Just okay. Something happens today. Mother didn't say that. Like please don't. Archy, Clamp, please. Could you took his castle. I also hate to show you. Wait, Talk The castle will the reef Never likely. Go back. Why now? I'll tell you when we get out. Just go. Policy, You will go up. Okay, Mother, I'll go up there. This doesn't feel right. Mother, I'm here. What is it That you want to shame me the night? What he see must be kept secret. Do you understand? What? Why? What's here that's so important? At least be kept secret? No. I sell this house and he had a secret. You are Sadly, it has to be kept secret. I understand, Mother. Okay. Tonight I've braved Alta Anita, remember? Do not speak of what you see