Earth Day

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It talks about the Earth Day and what people do on it.

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uh M d if we on 22nd April in the city off Trento on all over Canada, people celebrate if day lots of activities take place that day and during the week that follows, it's a time to see Barry the environment learnt about with the city's problem on do something to help over 60 million Canadians take Bart In Earth Day, families and friends get together on the cleanup on area in the city, the usually collect rubbish for the streets barks to see. In this picture, a man is helping clean up a park in his neighborhood. Everyone is welcome toe head abilities. If we planted trees every year, people plant over 1000 trees. If this picture to Children are planting a tree in the park, people also build things to help the nature. In this picture, a boy is making a bear the house. But today is not all work. People also enjoy walking, riding bikes or having a picnic in this countryside. In this picture, the boys are going on a nature walk