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This is an audition reading for an old book about diet and fasting.

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perfect health. Have you any conception of what the phrase means? Can you form any image of what would be your feeling if every organ in your body were functioning perfectly? Perhaps you can go back to some day in your youth when you got up early in the morning and went for a walk, and the spirit of the sunrise got into your blood, and you walked faster and took deep breaths and laughed aloud, for the sheer happiness of being alive in such a world of beauty. And now you're grown older, And what would you give for the secret of that glorious feeling? What would you say if you were told? You could bring it back and keep it not only for mornings, but for afternoons and evenings, and not as something accidental and mysterious, but is something which you yourself have created in which you are completely master. This is not an introduction to a new device and patent medicine advertising. I have nothing to sell, and no process patented. It is simply that for 10 years I have been studying the ill health of myself and of the men and women around me. I have found the cause and the remedy. I have not only found good health, but perfect health. I have found a new state of being a new potentiality of life. A sense of lightness, and clean nous and joyfulness, such as I did not know, could exist in the human body. I like to meet you on the street, said a friend the other day. You walk as if it were such fun. I look about me in the world and nearly everybody I know is sick. I could name one after another. 100 men and women who are doing vital work for progress and carrying a cruel handicap of physical suffering. For instance, I am working for social justice and I have comrades whose help is needed every hour and they are ill. In one single weeks newspapers last spring, I read that one was dying of kidney trouble and the other was in hospital for nervous breakdown and a third was ill with toe main poisoning.