Mike Bratton - Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy



This is an excerpt from Douglas Adams phenomenally funny and weird \"The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy\"

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far away on the opposite spiral arm of the galaxy. 500,000 light years from the star Saul Zapf. Odd Bible Brocks, president of the Imperial Galactic government, sped across the seas of Democrat, his ion drive Delta boat winking and flashing in the Dem a grandson de McGrann, the hot dem A grand the remote demographic, the almost totally unheard off de McGrann secret home of the heart of gold. The boats sped on across the water. It would be some time before it reached its destination because Democrat is such an inconveniently arranged planet. It consists of nothing but middling toe large desert islands separated by very pretty but annoyingly wide stretches of ocean. The boat sped on. Because of this topographical awkwardness, Democrat has always remained a deserted planet. This is why the Imperial Galactic Government chose de McGrann for the heart of gold project because it was so deserted and the heart of gold project was so secret. The boat zipped and skipped across the sea, the sea that lay between the main islands of the Onley archipelago of any useful size on the whole planet. Zafar Bebel Brocks was on his way from the tiny space board on Easter Island. The name was an entirely meaningless coincidence. In galactic speak, Easter means small, flat and light brown to the heart of Gold Island, which by another meaningless coincidence was called France.