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Recorded at the VoiceCoaches studio in Albany, NY

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Ah, those lazy summers driving with the top down the warm weather and those classic tunes blaring on the radio. The first time I heard that Beatles song, everything changed. That was the summer that I bought my first car, Times Square where the worlds of entertainment, media and money all meet is near the center of a city that's visited by an estimated 50 million people each year making it the most popular tourist destination in the country. Ok. Occasionally you might come across an obstacle like a rock or a strange plant to jump, press the B button. Let's try a little walking and jumping. Terrific. You've really got the hang of it. It was a day in the office like any another. I started off with my usual cup of coffee. Black. No sugar. I never understood how those other corporate drones could drink those soy lattes and green teas. I mean, what's the point after checking my email? Most of which was spam. I contemplated thumping my head against the desk repeatedly just to break up the boredom. But management tended to frown on things like that. At least on a Monday. It's your first day on a hazmat team and accidents involving hazardous materials can be deadly serious. Few people understand that the concentrated chemicals used by manufacturers can be deadly when handled badly. When my father moved, I snatched up the small torn piece of white paper, I'd seen trapped be his shoe. Once again, the adults in the room were overlooking the evidence right beneath their feet. All I could make out was a funny code written in red ink GYQ 392. The code didn't make any sense now, but I knew I could figure it out. Hi, I'm Mike Ciano. Thanks for listening.