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IVR Medical Presentation

Voice Over • Telephone


Demo containing IVR, Medical and Presentation

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English (British)

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Senior (55+)


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We are so sorry. All our systems are down at the moment. Except me. Of course, I am your backstop Andan like these computer glitches will never let you down. So leave your name and number here with me, and one of my colleagues will get back to immediately. This glitch has bean unbleached Thank you for your patience. I hope this's helped. Don't forget your name and number. The diffusion of light is an optical phenomenon, which has been known for a long time. A ray of light is not perceptible unless it strikes the eye directly. If, however, a bundle of rays of light traverse is a medium in which extremely fine dust is present, the ray of light will scatter to the sides, and the path of the ray through the medium will be discernible from the side. The nucleus of almost every human cell contains a blueprint that carries the instructions of cell needs to do its job. The blueprint is made up of DNA deoxyribonucleic acid, which is present in long strands that would stretch to nearly six feet in length if attached. End to end The DNA is packed tightly together with proteins into compact structures called premises. Normally, each cell has 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs, which are inherited equally from a person's biological parents. The DNA and nearly all cells of an individual is identical.