Voice Over Reel 2021 Mike Perez

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I have prepared this reel with many voice over characters to show my range and creativity.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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if I wanted to match intellect with someone, I would play chess with magneto. If I wanted a good fight, I'd find that green ape. But you don't bother getting up. You have my permission to die, but I never wanted to kill anyone. What? Deadpool. Wait up. Hey. Oh boy. My first day on the job, this is gonna be great. Hey, you guys, yep, bob. You're doing good. This is the life helping out an organization that really wants to change the world. Man. If only my mom could see me now. Uh, don't kill me. Why couldn't I have been a doctor? I could have been a doctor. But no, Hydra says you'll change the world, join us. Here's fancy lead hard. Yeah, but big whoop. Almost getting murdered every day is not my idea of a great career. Even with great benefits, I gotta get out long ago there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. It was a prosperous land blessed with green forest, tall mountains and peace. The people believe that the hero of time would again come to save them. But the hero did not appear. The memory of the kingdom vanished. But its legend survived on the winds. Breath screw you bug. I'm smarter than you. Impact more of a punch. Oh, good turn, huh? Sorry, if I don't trust you, but I don't find somebody else to be your guinea pig. This is what I've been looking for. Oh yeah, baby. This is going to make me rich. You Just when I thought lady luck was on my side there. Yeah, I wish I had more time to fail with these samples. Uh, well, duty calls. So where were you? Mr? Mayor? Yes. You're complaining to me how much you miss your ear, Spider man. What a wonderful specimen. I'm going to enjoy dissecting you. What a wonderful world we live in. Where civilians are so accessible. Fire. So easy to make. And some simple buildings just sitting there. Yeah, I like my ideas, too.