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This is a compilation of several East African voiceovers I've done

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that m Net movies after a cinema pop up Chano is a festival off African film celebrating storeys on DH storytellers from every corner of our continent. When it comes to local storeys, we love it for every one of us who has a shelter over our heads. There are four people who are without even the basic necessities due to events beyond their control, such as drought, heavy torrential rains and landslides. Visit good for all dot org for ways on how you can help save my life in the East African region. Donations are desperately needed. You can now book your appointments online through the clinic Cares website in just three easy steps fast. Create your patient profile. Next, select your doctor's name from the dropdown list. Once you select your doctor, the final step is to select the date and time you want on Douala. You're ready to see your doctor