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Using a local newswire to get information for news that day, I wrote, rehearsed, and announced my weekly newscast.

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Milwaukee Police say they're investigating some stolen cars that may have been illegally towed. Fox six conducted an investigation that revealed several stolen cars were recovered from a car lot last week. The owner of the lot formerly owned sng towing across the street. That company lost its license to do private towing after a vote by the Milwaukee Common Council. Some of the cars in the lot appeared to be missing parts and the television station crew said that the pieces of those cars seem to be piled outside of a locked gate. Both shooting victims who showed up at a hospital at one a.m. Monday are expected to survive their wounds. W. M. T. V. Reports. Madison police have launched an investigation. The shooting reportedly happened on the city's west side and the victims are two men, 34 35 years old. The victims said that they had just left a business meeting when another vehicle pulled up next to theirs and started shooting, investigating officers found eight shell castings at the location of the attack. No arrests have been made and police haven't said if they've identified any suspects, It's not a surprise to most Wisconsin drivers that pump price for gasoline and the state jumped by almost 50 cents last week. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is causing worldwide crude oil prices to go rapidly higher and it's likely not going to end soon. Gasbuddy dot com reports the national average for a gallon broke a 14 year old record when it hit $4.10 a gallon. Diesel prices jumped by 22 cents in one day. Last friday, Gasbuddy says the national average could reach 4 25 to 4 50 a gallon by the end of this week. This has been your four PM news update for WRS T News. I'm Milan style ceviche.